The leading European provider of track & trace software solutions, ALVARA | Digital Solutions, is introducing retail to its new ICC module “Notify Insurer” to optimize cash processes. From this point on, retailers, cash-in-transit companies and insurers alike can benefit from the extended functions of the industry solution already widely established throughout Europe.

ALVARA | Digital Solutions is restructuring its management team. The Leipzig company is reacting to increasing demand for future oriented software solutions in cash logistics.

ALVARA | Digital Solutions is offering a smart and sustainable alternative to printed paper receipts with the eBon. Since 1 January 2020, the Kassengesetz (cash register law) has stipulated the requirement for receipts to be issued for even the smallest amounts, allowing the leading European provider for track & trace software solutions to digitally create more than 118 million receipts with this service.

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ALVARA | Digital Solutions offers a solution for inspecting technical security system (TSS) to increase data and manipulation security at cash registers.