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ALVARA I Digital Solutions is bringing a new paying-in machine version of tried-and-tested application ‘CashPoint Smart-safes’ to the market with ‘CashPoint Recycler’. The tailor-made user interface for smart deposit safes is now officially in use in more than 100 businesses after successful implementation over the last six months. The application stands out with its simplicity and usability, enabling location-independent reporting in combination with the Universal Monitoring Platform. It’s adapting perfectly to the demands for fast and flexible implementation in retail and wholesale.

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True to their slogan ‘Always an idea ahead’, ALVARA I Digital Solutions is beginning the new year with a strong concept. Its three subsidiaries (ALVARA Cash Management Group AG, IT Kompetenz GmbH, Safelogy / MLSA) have been very successful with their software solutions up to now, and have established a strong position in the cash industry. These strengths are now being bundled under the umbrella of the joint ALVARA | Digital Solutions brand. The subsidiaries shall remain as they are now, but shall increasingly trade their products and services under the new brand.