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ALVARA I Digital Solutions is shifting the focus of its solution development even more towards digital efficiency in order to meet the needs of retailers, financial institutions and cash in transit companies for a digitalisation offensive in the cash sector. Due to external influences such as the COVID-19 pandemic, changing priorities, increasing competitive pressure and new technologies, the pressure is growing on all players in cash services.

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ALVARA | Digital Solutions now offers the possibility to manage cash recyclers even more efficiently with the new “POS Connector”. Whether it is automating cash handling, reducing risk or giving cashiers more time to serve customers: Cash recyclers have long since become a must have in retail. Integration into the POS software is necessary for the automatic start of the payment process at the cash recycler. However, this process is complex, time-consuming and expensive due to the large number of different POS systems. With the universal “POS Connector”, ALVARA | Digital Solutions has created a simple and quick-to-implement middleware. It can be installed locally on the Windows POS or Android Tablet and also allows flexibility and custom adjustments.